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Uk Ankara Hotel

Very Good
Çankaya, Ankara
The privileged world of UK Ankara offers you a comfortable resting area while also promising a living space.
Very Good

Mövenpick Hotel Ankara

Söğütözü, Çankaya, Ankara
Mövenpick Hotel Ankara, Söğütözü'nün merkezinde yer alan 5 yıldızlı modern bir oteldir. Otelde sağlıklı yaşam olanakları, toplantı odaları, ücretsiz Wi-Fi ve tesis bünyesinde ücretsiz otopark vardır.

Meyra Palace Hotel

Very Good
Merkez, Çankaya, Ankara
The rooms of Meyra Palace include flat-screen satellite TV and a minibar. In addition, private bathrooms include a shower, bathtub and bathrobes. Some of the units, each with city views, are equipped with a hot tub.
Very Good

Wyndham Ankara

Very Good
Çankaya, Ankara
Located in Sögütözü, Ankara's business, political and shopping center, Wyndham Ankara offers a comfortable holiday opportunity, especially for business trips.
Very Good

Hotel Içkale

Very Good
Maltepe, Çankaya, Ankara
Our hotel, which has been serving for more than 25 years in the heart of Ankara, is 800 meters from the city center of Kizilay, 250 meters from Anitkabir, 1.
Very Good

Altinel Ankara Hotel & Convention Center

Tandogan, Çankaya, Ankara
In addition to comfortable and spacious rooms equipped with modern equipment, 9 banquet and meeting halls, 1 congress center, free Wi-Fi connection, sauna, spa, Turkish bath, gym, B-lounge with panoramic Ankara view and many other services, Ankara Get re

CPAnkara Hotel

Very Good
Yenimahalle, Ankara
It is only 26 km from Esenboga Airport. (half an hour) away. It is only 80 meters away from Akköprü metro station, and you can easily reach Anitkabir, Ankara Castle or the very heart of the city by metro in a very short time.
Very Good

Holiday Inn Kavaklıdere

Kavaklidere, Çankaya, Ankara
Şehir merkezinde, elçilikler ve mağazalar arasında bulunan bu modern otel, Kocatepe Camii'ne ve metro istasyonuna 2 km, kongre merkezi Congresium Ankara'ya ise 6 km mesafededir.

Holiday Inn Express Ankara - Airport

Akyurt, Ankara
Our hotel provides an ideal atmosphere for both business and leisure travelers.

The Ankara Hotel

Very Good
Çankaya, Ankara
In the rooms of the facility; hair dryer, television, desk, air conditioning, satellite broadcast, wireless internet, bathroom, WC, safe, telephone. There is a modern meeting hall suitable for holding important meetings within the facility.
Very Good

Divan Ankara

Very Good
Yildiz, Çankaya, Ankara
The head of Turkey in a contemporary atmosphere and versatile functionality is also strong evidence that could be created in a boutique hotel for business travel tastefully blending Divan Ankara.
Very Good

New Park Hotel

Very Good
Kizilay, Çankaya, Ankara
The rooms, which are equipped with modern furniture and accessories starting from 42 m², where you can relieve all your tiredness in a stylish atmosphere, are designed specifically for you and your family for a completely comfortable and peaceful holiday
Very Good

Rox Hotel Ankara

Very Good
Kizilay, Çankaya, Ankara
Rox Hotel Ankara; With its 84 Standard, 7 Junior Suite and 7 Suite rooms prepared with modern and stylish lines, it provides our valued guests with a comfortable accommodation in the center of the city.
Very Good

Divan Çukurhan

Ulus, Ankara
"Dating back to the end of the 16th century - the beginning of the 17th century, the inn is made of stone on the outside, wooden carcass inside, and the roof is covered with tiles.

Point Hotel Ankara

Very Good
Merkez, Çankaya, Ankara
Turkey's capital, Ankara, and business heart of the first 5-star Ankara remarkable located and modern architecture of ours Art-Tech hotel Point Hotel Ankara, ministries, government offices and the business purpose of the travel with the proximity to
Very Good

The Green Park Ankara

Very Good
Merkez, Çankaya, Ankara
The Green Park, which constantly raises the standards of business and city hotels in Turkey, has settled in the heart of the capital with the Ankara hotel opened in Çankaya Çukurambar, one of the most prestigious areas of the city.
Very Good

Konur Hotel

Very Good
Kizilay, Çankaya, Ankara
Decision of 30 April We Provide 1 Night Free Accommodation Opportunity for 3 Nights Reservation on Weekends. There is a restaurant with a rich menu on the ground floor of our facility, which is special for hotel guests.
Very Good

Crowne Plaza Ankara an IHG Hotel

Ostim, Yenimahalle, Ankara
Crowne Plaza Ankara an IHG Hotel has elegant, stylishly designed guest rooms all that providing high speed free Wi-Fi.

Bahçelievler Hotels

Bahçelievler, Çankaya, Ankara
Bahçelievler Hotels, with a total of 68 rooms, serves in the concept of bed and breakfast.


As the center and capital of Turkey, Ankara takes its place among the biggest cities of Turkey with an average population of 6 million. Internal It is in the center of the Anatolian Region. Its historical texture, culture and with its bureaucratic privileges, it comes to the fore. 

Ankara is known as the capital of social and cultural events. It opens its doors to thousands of people every year on touristic trips. Due to its location as the capital and its ancient history, it receives many visits. 

The highest levels and administrative centers in the state administration are within the borders of Ankara. For this reason, countless people visit Ankara every year not only for touristic purposes but also for bureaucratic reasons. 

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How to Get to Ankara?

Consistent; Ankara, located in the Anatolian Region, is among the provinces that are well equipped in terms of transportation.

Because it is evaluated in Büyükşehir status, it is possible to access the area by all means of transportation. In addition, its location right in the middle of Anatolia enables it to have access to all parts of Turkey in a short time. 

East of Ankara Aksaray, west of Bolu, in the north Çankırı and Kırıkkale. Being adjacent to many cities makes transportation through these cities convenient.

Buses departing from all provinces of Turkey organize regular expeditions to Ankara. 

Transportation by Bus to Ankara

Direct bus trips from all over Turkey to Ankara are arranged. Regular reciprocal travel arrangements between Ankara and other provinces make it easy and convenient to reach by bus. 

Depending on which province of Turkey to go to Ankara, the options offered in Ankara transportation differ. Cities that do not have an airport or railway line can also easily reach Ankara by bus travel. 

Because a large part of the companies at the terminals organize travel, buying an Ankara ticket is sufficient for transportation. 

The bus journey between Istanbul and Ankara takes a total of 5.5 hours. After reaching the Ankara terminal, it is possible to reach the desired city by using the services offered by the companies. 

Ankara Air Transportation

Ankara Esenboğa Airport receives direct flights from many cities of Turkey. Especially Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Kayseri, Diyarbakir and many other metropolitan airports with direct flights to Ankara

Airline transportation, which is preferred as much as bus travel, helps to complete Ankara trips in a short time. 

Ankara plane tickets, which are offered for sale at similar prices to bus tickets, increase the preference rate of the airline in Ankara transportation. 

Ankara Railway Transportation

With the creation of high-speed train lines, Ankara journeys have become fast and comfortable. Passengers who want to go from Istanbul to Ankara may prefer the flights operated by YHT. Transportation takes place from Istanbul Sogutluli Esme station to Ankara train station in 4-5 hours. In case of departure from Konya station to Ankara direction, the journey takes only two hours. 

By using the main line train services determined by TCDD, access to Ankara can be provided from different provinces of Turkey. The continuation of train journeys and the arrangement of a new expedition each time ensures that Ankara journeys are carried out comfortably via the railway. 

Ankara Road Transportation

With the use of highway, transportation is provided from Istanbul to Ankara in an average of 4 hours. Inside Ankara; Since it is located in the Anatolian Region and is located in the middle of Turkey, transportation from various provinces to the city takes a short time.

You can reach Ankara quickly by using the TEM highway from Istanbul by private car for a low fee. 

Which Season to Go to Ankara?

Consistent; Ankara, located in the Anatolian Region, has hot and dry summers and cold and snowy climates in winters. Due to the continental climate, the weather conditions of the city may become difficult after the snowfall in the winter months. 

The fact that it is a developed city and the capital of Turkey makes Ankara a city that can be visited in all seasons. Hotels and accommodation facilities spread all over the city prevent people visiting the region from being affected by seasonal conditions. 

The fact that the weather conditions in summer and winter are quite different can be an effective factor for people who want to visit Ankara for touristic purposes. 

While the hottest period in summer coincides with the months of July and August, the most rainy period is experienced in April. From December to February, the days are very cold. In winter, the air temperature drops to -15 degrees. 

It is recommended to choose the spring months in order not to be affected by the heat or to coincide with the cold times during your Ankara travels. Especially from the beginning of the spring months to the end of the autumn months, the climate conditions of Ankara become very suitable for excursions. 

Visiting Ankara in the spring and autumn periods makes touristic trips more enjoyable and hassle-free. 

In order to determine the most ideal hotels in Ankara travels and to get the necessary information about hotel prices, it is sufficient to choose the Ankara Hotels option on 

Ankara City Transportation

Travels within the city of Ankara have become hassle-free with the numerous public transportation options offered by the Ankara Municipality. The most preferred methods of transportation in Ankara are train journeys and buses. 


Trains coordinated by Başkentray are frequently used for inner-city travels in Ankara. Xinjiang – Kayaş and Kayaş – In Ankara train services arranged between Sincan and Ankara, a new expedition is organized every 10 minutes. 

The trains, which are similar to the metro system, make the transportation of the people short and comfortable. 


The metro, which is one of the most preferred transportation methods in Ankara, offers fast and safe transportation under the ground. The first stop of the metro services is Ankara Kızılay Square. 

M1 Metro route to Kızılay and Batikent, M2 metro line to Kızılay and Çayyolu, the M3 metro line runs between Batıkent and Sincan, and the M4 metro line runs between Tandoğan and Keçidil. To get on the Ankara metro, it is necessary to use the travel cards used in EGO buses. It is possible to reach almost every part of Ankara with the metro route.


Ankara minibuses are known for their blue color. Ankara minibuses, which offer the opportunity to reach all cities in Ankara, also provide transportation to distant points that lines such as metro and train cannot reach. Working with cash, the minibuses run every 15 minutes. 


By using the taxi option, travels within Ankara can become more comfortable and faster. Taxis, which can be paid with cash and debit cards, offer service to any desired location. 

Cable car

The cable cars, which have been used since 2014, allow passengers to travel without waiting. The cable car cabins descend to a stop every 15 seconds. In this way, passengers can board the cabins without waiting. 

The cable cars serving between Yenimahalle and Şentepe reach the last stop after an average of 13 minutes' journey. 

Popular Cities of Ankara

Popular districts, which are among the indispensable points of Ankara trips, are the best places to see Ankara's culture and history; become dots.

Kızılay Square, Ankara and many more districts, famous for Ankara, for further visits; in hosts numerous touristic events.  


Kızılcahamam, which is 80 km away from the city center of Ankara, is known for its thermal springs and natural healing waters.  Kızılcahamam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. It hosts numerous activities developed for touristic purposes. It attracts attention with its unique architectural structure. 

Because it is under the influence of the Black Sea climate and the continental climate, it is equipped with green areas in places. 

Health tourism, historical tourism, nature tourism and religious tourism are seen together; The most ideal hotels and hostels for people who want to visit Kızılcahamam are accessible via 
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Beypazarı, which is 103 kilometers from the center of Ankara, comes to the fore with its historical houses and architecture. 

The city, known for its carrots, mineral waters and silverwork, has become a symbol with its historical mansions. 

Domestic and foreign tourists visiting Ankara for the day or taking a trip to Ankara are recommended not to leave the city without visiting Beypazarı. 

The city, which has become the symbol and popular city of Ankara, has become a tourist attraction with its mansion-style architecture and its unique landscape consisting of patches.
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Ankaya is characterized as Ankara's centrally located city. It hosts many bureaucratic elements, especially the TBMM. Ankaya, which takes its place among the cosmopolitan provinces, has the characteristics of a metropolis. 

The city where the Anıtkabir and numerous special structures are located, acts as a central location for concerts, conferences, theatres, books and cultural events. p>

ODT, Bilkent University, Hacettepe University and the largest campuses of many well-known universities are located in Ankara. 

Ankaya, which is considered as a cultural and financial center, is the point where political and cultural congresses are held. 

If you want to find affordable and ideal hotels for your visit to Ankaya, you can check out “Çankaya Hotels ” You can review the option. 


Keçedil;iren, which is 13 km away from the center of Ankara, hosts the Meteorology Museum, which was used as headquarters by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. 

Keçedil;iren Cable Car, which has the longest inner city cable car line in Ankara, serves in Keçidil.
Kecioren Hotels /a> You can visit our page. 

Historical Places of Ankara

Ankara, which opened its doors to Anatolian civilizations and many civilizations, is quite rich in terms of historical heritage.

Popular Museums of Ankara

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

It is home to many artifacts from the Roman Period as well as Anatolian Civilizations such as Hittite, Phrygian, Sumerian and Assyrian. It is possible to see tens of clay tablets arranged in livial script and texts written in Hieroglyphic Luwian here.

Ethnography Museum

The culture of Anatolia; The work that introduces it is very interesting with its clothes and belongings.

Liberation War Museum

The Old Parliament building, which was built in 1920 and has been the center since the foundation of the republic, is open to visitors as the War of Independence Museum today. The building, which has been closed for use since 1981, takes its place among the symbols of Ankara. 

Ankara Castle

It was built by the Persian Empire in the 7th century AD. In addition to the Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk Empires, Ankara Castle was also used by the Crusader armies and the Ottoman Empire. 

Ankara Castle, which is in a strategic position for Anatolia, was built on the highest point of Ankara. It has 42 separate towers and 16-meter-long walls in total. 

Estergon Castle

Estergon Castle, which is estimated to have been built in the 13th century AD, has hosted numerous cultural heritages. It has a very interesting historical and touristic location with the Asian Gardens and Ethnography Museum located inside it. 

The castle, which has become an important symbol between the Ottoman Empire and Hungary, was built with the same characteristics in both countries. 

Gordion Ancient City

Gordion, which is known as the capital of Phrygia, is one of the settlements that has the feature of being a famous place. 

MÖ The Ancient City of Gordion, which is estimated to have been built in the 9th century, has numerous historical artifacts and heritage. 

After the studies and historical excavations on the Gordian mound, it has been understood that the city's past is also behind the Phrygian period. In addition to many all the famous in the region; The tomb of the Phrygian king Midas is found.

Places to Visit in Ankara

Having countless cultural heritages, Ankara helps visitors have a fun time. Ankara, which has hosted many civilizations and is the Capital of Turkey, is one of the most developed metropolitan cities in terms of history and culture. 


Anıtkabir, the symbol of Ankara, is the tomb of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The construction of the building was completed in 1953. 

Anıtkabir is visited by millions of people every year. It is open to visitors every day and admission is free.

Anıtkabir, which can be easily visited by domestic and foreign tourists, is visited especially on national holidays and official ceremonies. 


Atakule, which was opened in 1989, has the second shopping center in the world. Ankara's largest and first shopping mall was built just below Atakule. 

It can be considered a touristic attraction, which has become the focal point of Ankara visits. It contains countless activities and many popular stores. 

Great National Assembly of Turkey

The new building of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, which is one of the must-see places for everyone visiting Ankara, is considered as the symbol of Ankara. 

The Parliament building, which is open to visitors on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, can be visited in the company of tourist guides. Reservation must be made 2 days in advance for a visit to the Parliament building. Visits can be made between 10:00 and 16:00. 

Elmadag Ski Center

Elmadag Ski Center Elmadag Ski Center, located 17 kilometers from the center of Ankara, It is one of the regions that people who will visit should visit. 

The ski resort, which is highly developed in winter tourism, Kırıkkale – It is on Samsun road. The area turns into a green area after April. After December, it becomes compatible with ski tourism. 

Atatürk Forest Farm

Atatürk Forest Farm, which was established in 1925 by the instructions of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, has the distinction of being the largest zoo in Turkey. 

The farm, which includes a Black Sea pool, a state cemetery and a small mansion, has numerous objects and designs that will attract the attention of children. 

Ankara is one of the unique regions that should be seen in your travels. çprovides fun experiences for families with children. 

What to Eat in Ankara?

Consistent; Ankara, the largest city of the Anatolian Region, has been shaped by the culture of different civilizations. The unique tastes of Ankara cuisine offer different experiences to those who visit the city. 

Ankara Pan

Ankara Pan, which is the famous taste of Ankara, is one of the local delicacies most loved and demanded by the tourists visiting the region. Ankara Pan, rice cooked in two different ways, is rice. or it can be made from barley vermicelli. 

The food containing rib eye meat with bone is also served with cubed meat upon request. 

The Cure of Death

Served with a mixture of minced meat placed on noodles and yogurt with garlic. 

Beypazarı Güveci

Beypazarı Stew, one of the famous delicacies of Ankara Beypazarı province, is known for its 500-year history. Beypazarı Stew, which is indispensable in Ottoman palace kitchens, is cooked on wood fire for 5 hours. 

The fact that a mixture of lamb meat and rice is cooked together in a stew is the feature that doubles the flavor of this dish. 

İncegiz ÇOrbası

The İnceğiz & Ccedil soup made from lamb is enriched with boiled wheat and chickpeas. Served with fried butter, İnceğiz & Ccedil soup is very healing and delicious. 

Regulation of Entekke

entekke pie is Ankara's famous mince pie. Bread is made from leavened dough. Minced meat drink After the mortar is placed in the dough, it is fried in hot oil. 

Tamtak Tiridi 

Emenli tirit placed on deep-fried bread is one of the famous delicacies of Ankara. The tirit mixture obtained from sucking and minced meat is served on bread and flavored with broth. 

Efelek Wrap

Efelek Wrap, also known as Labada, is öspecial It is obtained by wrapping the mortar in effelek leaves. Efelek Wrap, cooked in a stew or in a pot, is served with yogurt. 

Balamana Kebab 

Baslamas prepared in small sizes are brought together with a special meat mixture. Transferring the broth of the meat to the bazlama and serving it with roasted vegetables makes the bazlama kebab one of the favorite flavors of Ankara. Lamb or beef is optionally used in the making of kebab. After the ingredients are prepared, they are cooked for a long time in a stewpan or on embers.

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