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You'll earn ZMoney when you book with us. Use them on your new bookings.

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By creating a ZWallet account, you can start saving ZMoney.

Booking has never been so advantageous!

Hotels distribute ZMoney in different periods and rates. Always be aware of the advantages by following our hotel list.
Every 1 ZMoney you earn is equal to 1 TL, spend it on your new bookings as you wish.

ZMoney stages

  1. Sign up
    Sign up
    You can sign up with your e-mail address, or you can easily create an account using your Facebook, Google and Apple accounts
  2. Create ZWallet
    Select the ZWallet title in the menu, verify your phone number and your ZWallet is ready!
  3. Search
    Search for the location you want to go to and select ZMoney from the filters to get to the list of properties.
  4. Book now
    While completing the booking steps, you can pay with ZWallet and earn extra ZMoney.
  5. Congratulations, you've earned ZMoney!
    It will be added to your ZWallet account one day after your check-out date. You can view your ZMoney amount from your ZWallet account.
ZMoney is a gift money that accumulates in your ZWallet account as you make bookings and can then be used for new bookings.
ZMoney is very advantageous for those who travel a lot and for holiday lovers. You get ZMoney added to your ZWallet from your bookings, and it is up to you to spend them on your new bookings.
To earn ZMoney, you must first become a member of and create a ZWallet.
Then you can start earning ZMoney by following the steps below!

  • Do a search for where you want to go.
  • Filter the hotels that give ZMoney and choose the property you want.
  • Complete the payment method by continuing the process with the “Book” button.
  • The ZMoney you will earn will be loaded into your ZWallet account 1 day after the end of the stay.
You can create your wallet by completing the phone number verification process that appears on the "ZWallet" page in the menu.
You can use the entire balance in your wallet for the booking by choosing the "Pay with ZWallet" payment method during the payment step.
First you need to sign in, then click on your name and click on the ZWallet header from the drop-down menu. It is possible to view your balance with this process.
If your booking is cancelled or does not take place, the ZMoney you will earn will also be cancelled. has properties distributing ZMoney for every taste and person. Hotels distribute ZMoney in different periods and rates. To find them, you can either follow our hotel list or you can use the "ZMoney" filter for the region you are searching.
ZMoney balances that have been loaded can be refunded back to the credit card 24 hours after the loading process. On the ZWallet page, there is a "Refund to your card" button in the "Wallet transactions" section. You can get a refund of the ZMoney you loaded onto your card 24 hours later by clicking this button.

(The ZMoney earned cannot be transferred to the card, it can only be used for new reservations.)
No, you can use your ZMoney whenever you want.
Firstly, select ZWallet from the menu, then choose the amount and enter your credit card details. The balance will then be loaded to your account.

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